Our custom orthotics are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology, along with traditional casting and impression methods. FootLogic Orthocare uses 3D scanning technology to capture and display a true 3D digital image of a human foot. The image is used to fabricate your patient’s unique custom prescription orthotics. The scan reveals an immense amount of data on every reportable area of your patients’ feet. With our scanner you are also able to mark the patient’s foot to locate podiatric conditions (for example,  lesions, ulcers, and calluses). In addition, you can indicate the location for orthotic  accessories such as a Met pad. The scanner captures the marks and location of the accessories on a 3D picture scan.  

Our 3D scanners undoubtedly changes your patients experience and transforms the way you do business by providing:

  • A faster and cleaner process
  • An accurate positive model time again
  • Hassle-free experience because it’s easy to use.

It’s True 3D Technology – Only a true 3D scanner produces a high-resolution capture of every millimeter of the foot. The OrthoSCAN3D produces an image of the entire plantar surface area. This includes both the medial and lateral margins of the foot and the malleolar region to a point 4 or more inches above the bottom of the heel at resolutions down to .5mm. The resulting scan is an exact replica, high resolution image of your patient’s foot.

It’s Fast – The OrthoSCAN3D scans the entire plantar surface of your patient’s foot in 3.7 seconds. This is a fraction of the time it takes for casting or foam box impressions. In tandem with our software, the OrthoSCAN3D can complete and process a scan in seven seconds and send it for the fabrication as soon as the digital order form is completed, typically within 3-5 minutes.

Mark it like a Cast – Mark directly on the foot to identify placement of a lesion, ulcer or other conditions to show landmarks drawn by the practitioner, just as you were using a traditional cast. Similarly place a pad or other marker on the foot and your custom device will be made accordingly.

Positioning the Foot – With the OrthoSCAN3D you can position and hold your patient’s foot in subtalar neutral while taking the scan. Our remote control allows you to hold the patient’s foot in position with both hands while the scanner is activated by the patient. Capture the entire plantar aspect of the foot in a non, full, or partial weight bearing position.

Place the order – Send it now or later. You can place and send the electronic order submission as soon as you complete your scan of both feet. You can also wait, collect several scans and send them when you’re ready.

True 3D Technology

Accurate – Produces a 3D digital scan that is a perfect impression of the foot. No shipping – Transmits the patient’s encrypted scans with one key stroke, instantly, securely and without charge (i.e. no shipping charge or time taken to pack, mail and wait for deliver to the lab). 

Prescription Order Form
– The orthotic order form is part of the software, and 
allows you to customize your order on the spot.
Fast Turnaround – CUSTOM Foot Orthotics are fabricated in 5-7 business days, and are extremely true to fit.

Portable Unit – The OrthoSCAN3D is completely portable and comes in a light carrying case. Take it on a plane and place it in the overhead bin or easily move it around within your facility.

Battery Operated – The scanner can operate on its built-in battery system, which when fully charged, can last up to 400 scans.
Clinical and Technical Support – Our clinicians will consult with you on orthotic selections and device operations. We also provide technical support.

Training – A clinician from Orthocare comes to your facility and trains your staff to use the scanner. In addition, we will place our clinician at your facility for a period of time to help you adopt and integrate the scanner into your operations.